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Make it collaborative
Create a virtual table and invite your friends to order and pay together
Pay on your mobile
No more doing math after dinner, and say goodbye to the hassle of bill-splitting
Dine out more for less!
Get rewarded with Cashback every time you order and pay with eatsy
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Upsize your dining experience in four steps!

1. Invite friends

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Send an invite to your friends and start to order & pay in-app

2. Order in-app

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Your meal will be sent for preparation once you enter the restaurant

3. Pay on your phone

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No more doing math after dinner, or paying friends back later

4. Earn Cashback

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Earn instant and incremental Cashback after every meal

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The only dining app you'll need
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Available in Android and iOS
  • Collaborative ordering
  • Automatic bill-splitting
  • Cashback after every meal
  • Targeted in-app promos

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We optimise and incentivise the social dining experience for you, while generating tons of valuable insights so your favourite restaurants serve you better. Stay tuned for our launch (coming soon!).
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