WILKIE/DHOBY PROMO, just for you!


Use promo code [EDGE2] for 5 x $2 off these restaurants on Eatsy, only in this area!

  1. Each A Cup (Wilkie Edge)

  2. EPIKebabs (Wilkie Edge)

  3. Oh Some Bowls (Wilkie Edge)

  4. Turk’s Kebab (Peace Centre)

  5. Play Nation (Prinsep)

  6. Smoobar (Prinsep)

  7. The Cup (Pomo)

  8. The Pizzerian (Pomo)

  9. Munch (Pomo)

  10. Steakville (Sunshine Plaza)

  11. Baja Fresh (Rendezvous Hotel)

  12. The Bettership (Cathay)

  13. Ajummas (Cathay)

  14. Chunky Lobsters (Cathay)

Available for use multiple times at any restaurants.
Min spent $5. Valid until 30 Nov 2018. 5 uses per diner only.